Taking a closer look at the world can be incredibly exciting. Once discovered, ordinary scenes take on interesting designs. The dominance of vertical lines, shadows of interesting shapes, color reflected on windows, and configurations like electrical boxes have stimulated and inspired this body of work. These images essentially portray simple everyday scenes in a way that is extraordinary, exciting , and are meant to inspire the viewer to look closer at the world around them. 
Stop, 18x24, Oil on Canvas
Umbrellas, 20x24, Oil on Canvas

Above The Office, 24x30, Oil on canvas
Shadow Box, 24x30, Oil on canvas

The Golden Cavvy, 24x30, Oil on canvas
Late Christmas, 24x30, Oil on canvas
Da Light Pole, 24x30, Oil on canvas
First Street, 24x30, Oil on canvas

Denver Blocks, 11x14, Oil on canvas